Cordon Numérique

Always stay close to your hospitalized little one

The solution

Welcome to the first secure App allowing you to see your hospitalized children.

Preemies in incubators, children staying in a sterile room, moms located in a different hospital, dads at work, dispersed families: the idea is to gather you through a secure app on your phone.

These moments are still precious; don't miss a single one—get the Cordon Numérique App and stay close to your child.

How it Works:

Cameras are fixed above your child's hospital bed, allowing family to see them through the app.

You can watch video sequences and share them with the whole family.

Cordon Numérique

Ask your healthcare team to open your private account.

Watching videos
of your baby

You will be able to see and spend extra time with your child even if they are currently hospitalized.

Easy to set up video sharing with designated friends and relatives.

With video sharing friends will receive and be able to comment on your chosen videos.